Gardens & Grounds, Clearance, Restoration & Maintenance

No VAT to pay

This includes car parks and communal areas and is often required for health and safety reasons.

Lawn Maintenance

Small Lawns


Large Lawns

Removal of Trip/Slip Hazards

This may include leaf clearance from car parks, borders and paths etc or even from roof voids, gutters and drains where problems are sometimes caused as a result of flooding. Much of this work is what we would call preventative work, as prevention is better than cure. Sometimes the use of specialist lifting equipment (cherry pickers) are used to gain access to some difficult and hard to reach areas.

Many of the jobs we are called out to are gardens that have been neglected due to the owners or tenants poor health, not having the appropriate machinery or the time required. This may be a small garden or a supermarket grounds or car park. Sometimes a garden for example has had no regular maintenance for months or even years. Restoring gardens to their former beauty is often required when a property is placed on the market because for potential viewers you don’t get e second chance to create the first impression.

Restoration & Maintenance

  • Tree work-often required when there is a risk of falling branches causing damage to buildings, vehicles and people.
  • Overgrown Scrub removal
  • Banks
  • Grass areas
  • Orchards
  • Housing estates
  • Supermarkets

Other Services

  • Pressure washing
  • Erecting/sometimes repairing Garden Fencing as a result of storm damage.
  • Odd jobs
  • Property management: When clients do not have the time or local knowledge to arrange contractors for cleaning, electricians, plumbers and builders etc.